The main products are twist

polyester yarn and nylon twist yarn

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Zhangzhou Yu Nian Shui Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.

Is located in Changtai County, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, China. The main products are polyester twisted yarn and nylon twisted yarn, and the annual output can reach 6,000 tons. The company now has 200 sets of high-precision infinity chemical fiber double twisting machines and matching winders, advanced electronic "density control" instrument. In addition, we can customize products from 20D to 1000D, twist rate from 80TPM to 2000TPM.

At present, our products are mainly twist polyester yarn and nylon twist yarn,which can be used for curtain,men's and women's clothing, sofa fabric, as well as wedding dress, stage clothing, carpet and bedding.

From raw materials to packaging,we established strict quality management system and standardized, so that the quality of products can be fully guaranteed.At the same time, advanced inspection, testing equipment, digital tensimeter are equipped. Then the appearance, weight, wool, strength and elongation shall be inspected by the quality inspector according to various quality indicators before storage, and sampling inspection shall be carried out before delivery, so as to ensure that every spindle yarn is qualified product before delivery.

So far, the products of Zhangzhou Yu Nian Shui Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. have been all over the world,such as Asia, the European Union, North and South America, the Middle East,Africa and other countries and regions.We appreciate our customers for their trust and suppor and what we can do in the future to repay this trust is keeping providing products with good quality.

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